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Typical Londonderry Pest Control Problems

Londonderry is known for their acres and acres of apple orchards. This makes it a popular tourist destination in the fall.. Amid the exciting fall hype, most people are not prepared for the bustling pests, like mice and rats, that seek shelter indoors before winter hits.  The kitchen is an ideal place for these rodents to live and make their home, since it’s close to food and a water supply.  And all that fall cooking isn’t only appealing to humans the scent coming from the oven is nearly irresistible to rodents.   This is one of the reasons mice and rats chew oven cables. Unfortunately, interference with the cables can cause house fires. Pulling out heavy furniture and appliances and cleaning fallen food from behind and underneath them will help prevent the danger. To be safe, if you or a member of your family spot mice or rats, call Fox Pest Control for rodent extermination immediately.. 

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Londonderry Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

With the help of Fox Pest Control I can finally enjoy my newly finished basement without hearing the scurrying of mice above my head. I am grateful that they were able to rid me of that nuisance. Thanks Fox!

– Michael Mappes

Posted December 15, 2020

5 Stars

Nick and Ashley came out to the house and were AWESOME!!! Nick was extremely thorough and explained to me what he was doing and the reasoning behind it as he worked. He answered all of my many questions and educated this homeowner as to what to look for in regards to evidence of insects and rodents. While outside, he pointed out areas of improvement where there could be a potential for rodents to get in. He took the time to look for mice droppings in both the laundry room and attic. While in the attic 3 dead mice were found and he disposed of them and set both soft and hard mice food traps. Nick said that he himself will be back in 3 weeks to inspect these mouse traps. Since the initial visit, (July 2020), our insect problems have been eliminated. I am HIGHLY confident that the mice issue will be resolved soon as well! He encouraged this homeowner to call ANYTIME for ANY pest issue. I would HIGHLY recommend Fox Pest Control and make sure to ask for Nick... He is DEFINITELY the Best of the BEST!!!!!

– Bekah Delier

Posted November 11, 2020

5 Stars

OMG, we have 50% of our house that is south facing so bee's and hornets LOVE the roof soffit on that side of the house. Naturally we had a problem. David came out and was absolutely amazing! Not only did he take care of the problem, but he noticed another and took care of that as well. AND he explained to us exactly what was going on! David was awesome and if you ask for him you will NOT be disappointed! Great Job David! Thank you Fox Pest Control!!!!!

– Christopher Johnson

Posted July 24, 2020

5 Stars

Ryan, from Fox, showed up on my doorstep yesterday. I had been considering a pest service for a while so his timing was perfect. I listened to his pitch, it sounded good, but I wanted to sleep on it. He was not pushy and said that he would come back today to see what I had decided. I did some research since I had never heard of the company before and reviews seemed good. When Ryan returned I signed up. Within an hour, Keith was at my door for my first treatment. He was friendly and easy to talk to and ask questions. He explained what he was doing and why and pointed out some damage that I hadn't noticed. I am very pleased with the service so far. It was just my first service so I can't say how effective it is as yet.

– Shirley Marchowsky

Posted July 04, 2020

Our Connection to Londonderry

Londonderry is a quaint, friendly suburb in New Hampshire that has just about everything you need. It’s even home to an aviation museum. A couple of our Fox technicians have visited the New Hampshire Aviation Historical Society with their families. Both them and their children were able to learn all about the many different kinds of planes flown throughout American history. There’s nothing like  a fun weekend trip to the museum  after a long weekend of fighting pests!

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